Draw You Money! Banks to be Closed for 8 days


Holidays in a row, employees strike thereafter..
Trouble to draw money seems inevitable. Wondering what all this is?
Banking sector is going to have a longholiday.
From 24thMarch, for 4 days, there are holidays continuously and after that, till 31st march, bank employees are going on strike.
So, banks will remain closed for a total of 8 days.
So, drawing money or any other transactions need to betaken care of meanwhile.

Starting from Thursday, banks will remain closed for four days. Holi comes on 24th March, Good Friday on 25th, 26this Saturday (fourth) and 27this Sunday.
From 28th through 31stMarch, bankemployees are going on strike.

In many states in the country, most public sector banks will remain closed. So the possibility that ATMs could be filled is only on 23rd(Wednesday) evening and on Monday. Usually, money in ATMs in major cities is used up in two or three days.
Since four consecutive days are holidays, the entire money in ATMs in such areas will most probably be drawn.
So, customers must hurry up and finish any important transactions before hand.


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